About Hestia Group

Hestia Group facilitates developments in a design-build process starting from land purchase to completely finished buildings.  Hestia’s core portfolio consists of developing senior care facilities for AgeCare, a leading operator of senior care facilities across Western Canada since 1999.  Hestia also develops residential, commercial and industrial projects through the collaboration of our four business divisions.  Hestia Group divisions include Developments, Construction, Properties and Homes.

Living in Place

Hestia Group has been instrumental in evolving the “Aging in Place” model to create a more holistic community of care and wellness that fosters “Living in Place” for its elderly residents by embracing inter-generational programs and integrating with the larger community.

Our History

Hestia’s design-build approach has lead to the development of multi-generational communities, renowned and trusted for their innovative design, value and functionality in the care of seniors.



 To be the premier developer of care and social infrastructure in Western Canada

The name Hestia comes from the Greek Goddess of Home and Hearth.  She represents personal and communal security and happiness. Throughout our history, we’ve strived in every project we undertake to commit ourselves to the very best in care, quality and long-lasting value. It is a commitment we’re dedicated to, inspiring us as a team—a team with common ideals and the necessary skills to achieve our goals.


twide-walden-estateTo develop multi-generational communities and provide value to our partners and clients through design innovation and process efficiency

Our philosophy is based on our belief that our residents and staff are family.  This guiding principle drives our passion to develop and manage our communities as homes.


Treat our employees and partners with respect and dignity
Embrace a culture of honesty and integrity
Adopt sustainable design and construction practices
Maintain a safe work environment