• Seton Rendering

    Just a stone’s throw away from the South Health Campus, with 311 units of Seniors Care and 140 rental units in the centre of Seton, a bold new concept in suburban development. Rentals Available Summer 2015.

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  • Walden rendering

    The vision for Walden Heights is to create a vibrant, multi-generational community where seniors are the focus.

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Innovative and sustainable developments

The primary goal of Hestia Developments is business development through the creation of a wide range of projects, including seniors communities, residential neighbourhoods, commercial and industrial projects. Hestia Development embarks on new projects by acquiring land and strategically engaging in all levels of the planning, designing and necessary local authority approval processes.

Our dedicated team researches all the elements of the built fabric, which includes:

  • Land acquisition
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning/Programming
  • Designing
  • Local Authority Permits

As demand grows for more compact, efficient and sustainable communities, Hestia Developments continues to innovate in care and social infrastructure through evidence-based design. The consideration of these factors ensures that the communities remain relevant and vibrant long into the future. Through the combined experience of AgeCare and Hestia, we have demonstrated an ability to open efficient, good quality and cost-effective environments for our senior care facilities.

Though the Developments division is new, it is positioned for significant growth in the near future.  Projects are currently underway in Calgary and its surrounding towns.  Expansion in Alberta is planned into Edmonton, Red Deer, and Fort McMurray, with the goal of expanding further into British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

The Division’s expertise and teamwork allows valuable collaboration with the Construction and Properties divisions, ensuring high asset appreciation and stable, long-term returns.  Our Developments division transfers management of the projects to our Construction division once all local authority approvals and permits are in place.  Our Construction division builds the projects from bare land to completion then hands over care facilities to Agecare, Hestia projects to Hestia Properties.