Sky Pointe Seniors Community

Planned on a 3.94 acre site, this comprehensively designed project, located within the Skyview Ranch community, is a development providing ‘supportive and long term care for the aging seniors within Calgary. The development is comprised of two phases of separate yet integrated building components.

The anchor phase, assisted living, is comprised of 352 suites and the second phase consists of 89 independent living suites. The mission for the development is to provide residents with the most home-like environment as possible by creating a supportive community atmosphere and a lifestyle through recreation and special events, which strive to maintain an avenue for the seniors to interact with local community programs.


Skypointe Seniors Community is a contemporary prairie style pronounced through its building articulation and use of materials. The development will provide a crucial service for living in place for seniors as well as the community at large by way of community services such as child daycare and other community programs.

The building is currently under construction scheduled for completion in spring of 2018. Phase Independent Living is scheduled for construction in 2019.